Sell A Business

Selling a business could be one of the biggest decisions an owner makes in his/her life. The process involves several areas of expertise that is complex and time consuming. Business owners underestimate all that is involved and how much “real” time it can take to sell a business.

A Business Broker will manage the entire process to accomplish a successful closing for all parties involved. This is done in a professional way to ensure confidentiality and allows the business owner to focus on running their business, and to reduce the risk of business erosion during the sale process. VBB have been trained in all areas of the selling process including preparing a business for sale, packaging the business, marketing and identifying qualified buyers, preparing for due diligence, preparing contracts, bank finance, the transfer of the lease and many other items needed for a successful closing.

Buy A Business

Purchasing a business can be a life-changing decision. There are many aspects to consider and hiring a VBB to help navigate through this process is critical. They are trained to assist buyers in making sure all areas of the transaction are addressed and that the transfer of ownership is successful. VBB also have access to a large inventory of businesses for sale that makes us a valuable tool in identifying the right business for our clients. Click here to see our business listings.


Selling or buying a business is a big step.  For many, this transaction will be the most significant life-changing decision they will make in their lifetime. It’s a serious transaction with significant financial and emotional ramifications for the parties involved, and having proper representation is critical.


Value your business


What is your Business Worth?

Every smart business person knows the importance of being able to present a fair and accurate accounting of a businesses’ value.  A professional business appraisal is particularly important when attempting to sell a business.  This valuation document is the single most useful piece of financial information about any company.

When you work with a Visionary Business Brokers to create a business valuation, the goal is simple:  the creation of an accurate and comprehensive business appraisal document that will stand up to scrutiny.

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